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The Best Birthday.com is the only site you need to visit to plan an amazing kids birthday party. No more spending hours searching the internet to get a cake idea from one site, a game from another, and so on. At TheBestBirthday.com, we offer loads of free ideas for each party theme, so you can pick and choose what games and activities would be best for the age group of your guests.

Here you will also find cake ideas for you or your local bakery, clever invitations you can make yourself, great decorations, and ideas for birthday favors you can afford – even for large groups. Check out our free party ideas to start planning the best birthday ever!

Party Themes

Camping / Campout Party

Whether you set up a tent in the yard or have a camp-in in the living room, your child will love a camping birthday party with friends.

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Cars the Movie and Cars 2 Birthday Party

The Cars movie was an instant classic when it came out, and Cars 2 is just as much fun as the first!

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Cowboy / Cowgirl / Western Party

Saddle up and put on your best hat for the best party in the wild west!

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Curious George Party

This lovable little monkey has captured children's hearts and imaginations for generations.

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Harry Potter Party

Whether you are celebrating your child's birthday or the birthday of the boy wizard himself (July 31), there are all kinds of reasons to have a Harry Potter party.

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Luau Party / Beach Party Ideas

Whether you want to celebrate summer or find an escape from winter, a luau or beach party is fun any time of year.

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Madagascar Party

There now three Madagascar movies – not to mention all the spinoffs – which means lots of fun options for a Madagascar party.

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Pirate Party

There are so many fun things to do with a pirate theme, your child may want a pirate party every year.

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Princess Party

Give your special princess a birthday she’ll never forget by throwing her a princess party where all her dreams come true.

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Secret Agent / Spy Party

Secret codes, high security, everyone knows the password to fun is 'spy party'!

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Superman Party

With the June release of the Superman Man of Steel movie, this super hero is more popular than ever.

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