Superman Party

Superman never goes out of style, and with the June release of the Superman Man of Steel movie, he’s more popular than ever. Give your little superhero the best birthday ever with a Superman Party ideas from

Young superhero child pretending to be superman for a party

Superman Party Invitations

To make your own Superman invitations, the iconic "S" is easy to do. Or try a silhouette of skyscrapers for Metropolis.

For text, try "Superman has returned to save the world and celebrate [child's name]'s birthday party!"

Superman Party Decorations

Super Colors

To decorate for your Superman parties, use yellow, red and blue decorations. They are easy to recognize as the traditional colors of Superman.


City skyline wall decal for superhero partyTurn your party room into Metropolis for your party. You can make your own skyscrapers silhouettes on paper and hang them on the wall, or you can buy a skyline wall decal to put up.

Invite Superman to the Party

Superman wall decal stickerYou can have Superman in your party room with a Superman giant wall decal. Your birthday super hero will love having it in his or her room after the party, too.

Superman Tableware

Get Superman plates, or, if you prefer, choose solid colors. Red plates, yellow napkins and blue forks make for a festive and fun party, and are instantly recognizable as Superman's colors.

Superman Party Food and Snacks

Turn ordinary snack food into Superman party food. Try Clark Kent carrot sticks, or Lois Lane Lemonade. Serve green Jello as Kryptonite. And don't forget to have Superman ice cream with your cake!

Superman Birthday Cakes

Superman "S" Cake

Frosted Superman S Cake Looking for ideas for a Superman cake you can make yourself? The Superman logo is easy to put on a cake.

There are a couple of options for making the Superman "S" cake:

  • You can bake a cake (whatever size you like), frost it blue, and frost the "S" in the middle.
  • You can bake a 9x13 cake and cut it to the diamond shape around the "S", then frost in red and yellow to make the design.

Dimensions for making a Superman birthday cake

This shows the approximate proportions for cutting the Superman "S" emblem out of a 9x13" cake.

If you choose to make the cutout cake, keep in mind that it will be small. If you need more cake and want to keep the cutout shape, you can either cut the shape out of two 9x13 cakes laid together, or you can frost a 9x13 cake in blue, then put the cutout diamond shape with the "S" on top for a cool 3D cake.

If you are making the cutout version, be sure to add a crumb layer of icing first, otherwise the cut edges will add a lot of crumbs to your frosting. Get directions for the icing crumb layer.

Superman Cake Topper

An easy option is to buy a Superman cake topper and place it on top of your cake.

Superman cake topperFlying Superman cake topper

Superman logo cake topperSuperman "S" cake topper

Superman Party Games and Activities

Superhero Training

Set up a training course for your superheros. Outdoors can be on and around a play structure. You can set up 2X4's to cross, tires to run through, hang a rope from a tree and let the kids swing across - whatever you can come up with.

For indoor superhero training, set blankets over chairs to make tunnels, add a mini-trampoline and cardboard boxes and you've got a great training course.

Print out superhero certificates for the party guests - showing that they completed their superhero training.

Pin the "S" on Superman

Create a Superman version of "pin the tail on the donkey" out of posterboard.

Find the Kryptonite

This fun party game works well indoors or outside. Paint golf balls or ping pong balls bright green - they will be your Kryptonite. Hide them before the party.

At the party, equip kids with oven mitts and tongs and send them to find the Kryptonite. They wear the oven mitts and pick up the balls with tongs, then return the 'Kryptonite' to a bucket at a central location. Don't have enough mitts and tongs to go around? Divide kids into two teams. One child from each team hunts for a ball, brings it back, then passes the mitts and tongs to the next person on their team.

Pass the Kryptonite

"Hot Potato' is a great party game that can be modified for just about any birthday party. For this version, the 'potato' (kryptonite) can be a green ball or a glow stick. When the music stops, the one holding the 'kryptonite' is out.

Another option for this game is to play it when it is time to open presents. Whoever is left holding the item is out, and gives their present to the party child to open. This puts an end to the "Open mine first!" chaos of present time.

Superman Party Favors

Superman Lanyards

Kids love lanyards - they always find something to hang on them -  and these Superman lanyards make great party favors.

Superman Keychains

These Superman keychain make fun, inexpensive party favors.

Glow Sticks

Call your glow sticks kryptonite and send them home as fun party favors.

Superman Punch Balls

Bunch balls are so much fun! Give these Superman punch balls as party favors that your guests will love.

Superman Masks

Everyone can be Superman with these great Superman masks